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Retron 5 Review

When I look back on the amount of time and money I’ve spent on “Retro Game Console knock offs” that were supposed to work just like the old systems or even work better. I always find myself shocked or overall let down.

Best and Worst Games of 2014

2014 is coming to a close and we have had yet another amazing year for We have grown dramatically with over 100,000 views! and over 400 subscribers! Thank you all for sharing our videos and spreading the word. I re-designed the website and its now better then ever! Load times are great and we are currently looking to acquire better hardware for our Webserver. Please keep buying from our store and keep those paypal donations coming As we reflect back on this great year! We start to think about the best games, those games that we couldn’t get enough of and then we come to those vile games that we couldn’t uninstall fast enough. I confess that this wasn’t an easy task. We got our hands on some really amazing titles. So lets start

Archlord 2 Review

Archlord 2 is a fantasy MMORPG geared towards end game PVP. This isn’t to be confused with open PVP games. During character creation players pick a weapons which ties into a a particular play style.