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Destiny Review Playstation 4

I logged into Destiny in the morning hours to begin this review and sometime between my ghost, a robot that revived me from the dead voiced by our favorite Lannister, Peter Dinklage and my decision to storm the black garden for ambiguous reasons did I realize that first. My batteries were dead on my now third swapped controller and second what day was it.

Destiny review Xbox 360

The presentation of the game is near flawless, the voices are crisp, the graphics cutting edge (except for blocky shadows on current gen consoles). Other than a few minor gripes it's technically the perfect textbook game. There is one thing that it feels like it lacks, a soul. I'm not saying the game should be self-aware, but it plays everything too safely.

Archeblade Review

Archeblade is a MMO beat em up that’s currently free to play on Steam. After account creation and completing the tutorial new players will be awarded with some currency to purchase two characters. The developers strongly suggest players play with characters in the training area before opting to purchase.

Mortal Online Review with Gameplay

Mortal Online is a free to play hardcore MMORPG that was released in the Summer of 2010. Players will be impressed by the character character creation system which allows players to mix various races as their Grandparents and parents. This will ultimately determine their persona’s maximum statistics.

Magus Review PS3

2014 is an interesting year for video games so far; we've had the likes of Metal Gear solid V: Ground Zeroes, Dark Souls II, and even a simulator where you can play as a goat. That’s all grand, but what I've stumbled across recently is a sight to behold in itself. What I found was Magus a PS3 exlusive

Archeage Review with Gameplay

Archeage is an MMO with some sandbox elements. In Archeage players may pick from 4 major races and 10 skill-sets which player can mix any 3 skill-sets to form a class. I admit I was a bit surprised by this feature thinking it would play a bit like Rift another Trion Worlds Title. However the different abilities synergizes nicely with each other allowing for some interesting combinations.

Wildstar Review

eveloped by Carbine Studios which if you haven’t heard of them they are a company made up of founding WoW devs. Published by NcSoft Wildstar places players on the planet Nexus in a sci fi-fantasy universe. Players may choose between eight races, four classes, and from, two opposing factions.