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Star Trek Online Review

Developed by Cryptic Studios and Published by Perfect World Entertainment. Star Trek Online takes place 30 years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis. During this time the Klingon and Federation peace treaty has collapsed plunging the universe into an all out war. While the war between the Klingons and the Federation ensues the Borg also reappear and enter the fight, and this is where new players begin. It is their duty to push back these forces and perhaps even restore peace

APB Reloaded Review

APB Reloaded plays like a Grand-Theft Auto Multiplayer title. Players form groups and engage in missions against the opposing side. As players complete missions and kill opposing players they will gain ranks in their weapon of choice and standing with NPC’s and earn cash to buy new weapons, clothing and cars.

Hello Kitty Online Review

Hello Kitty Online Review - Developed by Sanrio Digital and Typhoon games and published in North America by Sanrio Digital in the Summer of 2009. Hello Kitty Online is an amazing game that places you in the role of an avatar out to help the Sanrio-verse.

EVE Retribution: Review

EVE online, a space based MMORPG where you balance wealth, and building skills, while exploring the galaxy. Developed by CCP Games back in 2003, EVE has been around for almost ten years. If you just cringed at the idea of a decade old game being reviewed. Rest assured that CCP.