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Store is now live!

We’ve all seen the “DONATE” buttons scattered around video game vlogosphere.  I don’t want to be that kind of site. I think I’ve come up with a solid solution to the problem.  I’ve partnered with, a company I … Continued

Tera Online: Review

What if someone took the tired old Fantasy MMORPG and updated the combat mechanic? What if this combat mechanic made combat a heart pounding, palm sweating experience? Enmasse has done just that with their title TERA Online. explores this world in our review.

Dungeon Keeper 2: Review

Originally released 13 years ago by the now defunct Bullfrog Productions. Dungeon Keeper places you in the role of a Dungeon Master Errr, Keeper. By recruiting evil minions to your cause and having them fight off the bastions of good. So, how does a 13 year old game stack up? was it still playable?

Hurricane Sandy

As someone who lives in NY.  The Hurricane that past has been a pretty life changing experience.   A few people lost their homes and most of the Island has lost power.  Things are getting better day by day.