Raptro’s Riots

  1. Destiny Logo Destiny review Xbox 360 (10/15/2014) - The presentation of the game is near flawless, the voices are crisp, the graphics cutting edge (except for blocky shadows on current gen consoles). Other than a few minor gripes it's technically the perfect textbook game. There is one thing that it feels like it lacks, a soul. I'm not saying the game should be self-aware, but it plays everything too safely.
  2. Magus Review PS3 (9/16/2014) - 2014 is an interesting year for video games so far; we've had the likes of Metal Gear solid V: Ground Zeroes, Dark Souls II, and even a simulator where you can play as a goat. That’s all grand, but what I've stumbled across recently is a sight to behold in itself. What I found was Magus a PS3 exlusive