Destiny Review Playstation 4

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Destiny Review Playstation 4


I logged into Destiny in the morning hours to begin this review and sometime between my ghost, a robot that revived me from the dead voiced by our favorite Lanister, Peter Dinklage and my decision to storm the black garden for ambiguous reasons did I realize that first. My batteries were dead on my now third swapped controller and second what day was it.

This is John from the and this is our review of Destiny on the PS4.

Developed by Bungie and published by Activision Destiny is an FPS with MMORPG elements. You will kill an endless supply of baddies, collect armor, unlock upgrades for each piece, and lets not forget you will level up along the way.

In Destiny players choose one of three classes with each class having two sub-classes that are unlocked at level fifteen. Once unlocked all characters thereafter will start with both sub-classes accessible.

Destiny drops players right into the action with very little initial explanation of the events going on. The story goes as follows in the near future humankind makes contact with an alien known as “The Traveler” he ultimately becomes our strongest ally, his benevolence leads to a golden age. Ultimately a great evil, comes and wages war with the traveler by the end of the battle the great is defeated however “The Traveler” sacrifices himself in the process. There are being empowered with some of the Traveler’s Light and these Guardians protect the our civilization. You are one such Guardian. It is your duty to deal with our worlds enemies and take back our lost planets.

As mentioned before Gameplay is a mix of FPS and RPG. Players take on missions on Earth, The Moon, Venus, and Mars. Missions reward players experience, Armor, and Glimmer the games currency. Equipment, like guns and armor can be upgraded as players gain experience. Upgrades will unlock extra abilities that may range from faster reloaded speed to more damage per shot and in cases of weapons or higher defense and faster grenade usage in cases of armor.

All Equipment comes in different tiers in order of rarity.

Common = White items
Uncommon = Green Items
Rare = Blue items
Legendary = Purple items
Exotic = Gold

Higher tiered items have better stats and more upgrade unlockables. Making a Exotic item superior to a Rare item.

There are a few mission types like

Patrol missions which consist of exploration with the goal of finding sub-missions marked by green markers. These submissions ultimately provide experience, glimmer and sometimes equipment.

Bounties which provide a task that once performed will reward Faction and either equipment or Glimmer.

Strike teams which are this games version of dungeons. They are three player missions that can take about 20 minutes to finish.

This title has a soft level cap of 20. Once reached players will notice that certain gear has a light statistic. If players continue to grind gear with higher light stats. They will ultimately level to 30 which is the current maximum level.

Graphically Destiny is one of the best looking games of 2014. The graphics look beautiful. The player models are beautiful. The landscapes and areas are really where this title shines from the cramped tunnels to the factories and to the open world areas. Planets look alien and Earth looks abandoned.

Destiny sounds amazing! While combat is heart pounding and visceral. The voice acting for your missions and story provided by Peter Dinklage, Gina Torres and Nathan Fillion really make for a solid experience. The music is impressive from the intro mission music to the combat music.

However Destiny isn’t a perfect title. First, Its short with the story clocking in around 10-15 hours. Once completed players are then grinding Strike missions via the Strike Playlist which just queues all of them in a loop. The strike playlist also seems to not decipher what strikes you’ve completes previously so it can queue players for the same strike multiple times. Players will also need to run bounties for Faction rewards. Especially if they are aiming to unlock higher tiered gear.

As sad as it seems endgame (Trophy earned after 2 years of videos and finally talking about end game content in a single review.) Is just equipment grinding. The strikes will yield marks and faction points and a random item. However the random item will range from level 15+ so it most likely won’t assist in your light gaining. The Bounties will provide faction points and experience which leads you to unlocking motes of light another tradeable currency. PVP also has a chance of unlocking random items and faction and marks. So players should really stick with one path, either PVP or Strikes and run with it.

The loot system was incredibly ambiguous. Bosses don’t drop loot. Loot seems to be random. At the time of this review there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to loot drops. I know they just recently patched out the loot cave which was an exploit discovered by some players. Initially a level 5 monster had the same chance of dropping a Super Epic item as a level 20 hard mode. I know Bungie is in the process of retooling the loot system as we speak.