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Elite: Dangerous Review

The last time I played a Space Trading and Combat Simulation it was back in 2003 with an amazing title called Freelancer.

We are starting to see a resurgence in this genre and this week we are taking a look at Elite: Dangerous

Developed and Published by Frontier Developments

Elite Dangerous is a massive multiplayer online space trading and combat simulator. Players take on the role of a pilot and venture out into the world to make a profit and upgrade their ships.

Players enter the world at a space station with very little direction and with a basic ship. The good news is that your ship tends to be outfitted with a little bit of everything. This has the benefit of providing players with multiple job opportunities Players should be mindful that while some of the bounty hunter missions have very generous pay-outs of 100K or more. These are out of your league and should be skipped until a better ship and equipment are purchased

Players should start by taking courier missions for the sole purpose of gaining faction which will provide better missions and money to provide necessary ship upgrades. Players will want to focus on increasing cargo space early on and increasing ship engines for greater jump distances.

When players first leave their starting space station they may be overwhelmed with the lack of direction with landing and flight so lets go over a basic lift off.

Start by pressing the R key to get some height from the platform.

Press your W key to provide some forward thrust. As W is engines forward. S will lower that but watch when stopping as you can go backwards.

Now using L will raise your landing gear which once in will allow players to go faster. Now find your destination on your screen by using your mouse and use J to Jump to that location.

As a side note the 1 key will open up your navigation console where courses can be set, ships can be scanned and mission objectives can be reviewed. 3 key brings up ship systems where power can be diverted to other systems, cargo can be checked and ship systems can be enabled or disabled. If players can’t recall the keys.

Jumping to destinations brings about its own issues with slowing down becoming an issue. ships don’t stop on a dime. But require precision to slow and exit hyperspace. I’ve learned that by watching the left section of the console players will see a distance and speed area. Keeping this in blue will allow for a safe exit from hyperspace without over shooting your destination.

After running multiple courier missions players can begin the process of upgrading their starter ship with better equipment or replacing that ship all together. Elite:Dangerous allows for multiple upgrade options from increasing cargo capacity to apply a fuel scoop that will let players refuel their ship from suns and stars that are abundant in most star systems to better engines, thrusters, and of course weapons.

Most would leap towards better guns I however focused first on better engines. Being able to warp longer distances will make early courier missions faster with fewer hops. Just a quick word of warning. You can run out of fuel in this title and when you do you will have to self destruct. Losing your ship and cargo. The starter ship provided is infinite. so once destroyed players will respawn with a new one minus any upgrades and cargo of course.

Space Stations most be manually docked. This isn’t for the faint of heart and requires a degree of skill and patience. I have to admit I was initially spoiled by auto-docking from titles like EVE online. So this was a huge shock initially.
First Players must require docking from the Navigation Menu. Then players will begin the docking process by flying to the designated landing pad. If players dock in another pad then the one offered they will be fined! Once near your landing pad players will have to begin the landing process. They will need to straighten out their ship and lower their landing gear.

After their landing gear is lowered they will need to steer their ship so that its facing the correct way using the Q, E and once completed F to set her down.

Graphically Elite:Dangerous is an impressive game. The planets look great as does the cock pit and combat effects.

This title has a solid sound setup from its ship sounds to its travel and combat music.

Elite: Dangerous is a solid game with a insane learning curve. The learning curve and lack of any real flight training makes this game come off as feeling unfinished. While it does provide dog fighting training that doesn’t necessarily make up for the fact that players won’t know how to land their ships unless they spend time outside of the game reading tutorials and studying.
Once players get past the learning curve there is a fun game here.

Overall I give Elite:Dangerous a 5 out of 10. This game could very well be a gem if its developers add more training tutorials.

This is John from thelagkilledme.com thanks for watching and don’t forget to like and comment below