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Entropia Universe Review

What if there was a game that allowed players to make REAL money. This week we are taking a look at Entropia Universe!

Developed and Published by Mindark and Initially launched back in 2002 under the name Project Entropia. Entropia universe has undergone some major upgrades including a full engine upgrade, the introduction of multiple planets, and vehicles.

Entropia Universe is a free to play MMORPG where players buy and sell items with real currency. After logging in players can pair a credit or debit card and transfer money into their account. Once transferred players can use their new Project Entropia Dollars or PED to buy starter equipment to begin their journey.

Players aren’t forced to pay to play. If a player wants to start life as as sweater. That is a person who gathers and sells sweat to players they can. While the value of sweat changes current prices are around 1-2 ped (.10 to .20 cents USD) per 1000 bottles. players will build up a number of skills while gathering sweat. Including the incredibly valuable Dodge that allows players to completely avoid damage to their character and equipment.

Players will begin their adventure outfitted in orange clothes on the planet Calypso. After arriving and completing a number of tutorials. Players will either start sweating or start hunting, crafting or mining. Based on if they spent real money or not. Players aren’t bound with a single class as you don’t pick a class more like you just go out there and do.

In this review I will be mining and hunting. I found the experience of roaming large expanses of land calming and relaxing. I found that hunting pairs well with mining as it allows players to enter areas that most miners normally wouldn’t go because of creature count.

Mining requires a few items to work. You need your scanner which uses a consumable probe that will be shot into the ground. The Survey Probes will alert the scanner of any resources found. The players scanner can be set to look for Minerals or Enmatters. Minerals are your coppers and irons and the like. Enmatters are gases and liquids like Oil or Force Nexus which when paired with Sweat becomes Mind Essence Entropia’s version of mana.

Once a deposit is found it must be mined with an excavator. Once excavated the resources are the players and can be refined with a refiner to shrink them in size and alleviate over- encumbrance.

Hunting is pretty straight forward you need a gun and some ammo and possibly armor. Point and shoot until it stops moving. Players can even purchase healing machines that heal them after a hunt. Dead monsters have a chance of dropping loot that can be quite valuable as some crafting items can only be acquired from monster kills. There are even some weapons and armors that are only monster kill items.

While I won’t go too far into it Crafting, Crafting allows players to craft items from a blueprint. The quality of the blueprint will increase as players craft and thus improve the player’s chance of successfully crafting that particular item.

Mindark was very smart about how they built this title around its REAL cash economy. While players are buying and selling with real money that gets transferred into their account there are a few things to keep in mind. First all consumables cost money. Those bullets are going to cost you. The repairs on your gear, yep, going to cost you. Items to get started? again going to cost you.

But it’s not all stacked against the player. Skills acquired can be removed and sold. Land masses can be bought and players can set taxes on the lands allowing for straight income. Items can be leveled up and with each level become increasingly more valuable. So an item bought at tier 1 can be sold for a profit at tier 2 and higher.

Graphically Entropia universe needs a bit of work. I found most of the zones tended to suffer from POP-IN especially like malls and such. yes there are player malls in this game and players can buy real shops and sell there. While it bears to note the place does look alien from the areas to the monsters themselves.

Mindark seems to change up the music every now and again. I personally find some of the older music better than the newer. I have been playing Entropia Universe on and off for about 10 years now. Take a listen at some of the older tunes vs the new.

Overall Entropia Universe is a very complex game. With multiple ways players can make and lose money. It’s compelling to see this title as the sort of game where players may strike it rich and become wealthy real world citizens. Players need to keep in mind that there is a real danger here. Players should set personal deposit allowances for instance only depositing $15 a month. Players should also be aware of the biggest trap of the game. Your skills determine what weapons you can use effectively. So should a Player drop let’s say $100 for a high end gun. That gun won’t mean crap if they have a handgun skill of 1. It’ll probably miss every shot and burn a ton of ammo to really be successful in Entropia Universe players need to prioritize efficiency, which isn’t always easy when you are spending your hard earned real world money.