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Killing Floor 2 Review

Have you ever wanted to feel like you were in a Horror Film, running in fear from endless hoards of monsters, Or becoming a total bad-ass and sending those sons of bitches back to hell for the last time. I thought so, This week we are taking a look at Killing Floor 2

Developed and Published by Tripwire Interactive. Killing Foor 2 is the sequel to the classic Killing Floor. In Killing floor players faced wave after wave of monsters doing their best to survive the onslaught with the goal of gaining experience and saving the world.

Players start by picking their class. At this time there are only a handful of classes but Tripwire is stating that more will be forthcoming.

The class are

Medic – The tactile group healers of Killing Floor 2. They bring both healing and damage potential.

Support – Our Shotgun wielding class. He specializes in area damage and bullet penetration. Heheh Penetration!

Commando – Our machine gun wielding class, he specializes in fast single target high dps. Can also spot cloaked monsters.

Berserker – our hard hitting melee damage dealer. Very very scary at higher levels.

There is talk that there will be more classes to come. I hope they bring back the Sharpshooter from the original Killing Floor and the Demolitionist. Support and Demo are my favorite classes in this franchise.

Matches consist of a number of waves or rounds. Each wave will pit the players against larger and larger hoards of monsters with the eventual build up to the boss.

While this may sound easy and quite boring I assure you it is far from it. The monsters vary in each wave starting easy and building up. The quantity is also based upon how many players are playing. The various monster types have different abilities and those abilities add complications.

While for brevities sake I won’t go into all of them but lets discuss a few.

For instance we have the Clots who have the ability of detaining your character. One clot holding you in place is a nuisance and nothing more. However multiple clots holding you down grant an easy opportunity for another monster to ruin your day.

We also have the Scrake who wields a chainsaw and for some reason makes me want to watch Chainsaw Massacre again. For the record the 1974 version is the only REAL Texas Chainsaw Massacre but I digress.

If we discuss the Scrake we have to discuss the biggest, baddest little fucker in this game and that’s the Fleshpound! The Fleshpound is what you’d get if you turned Arnold Schwarzenegger into a biological Human Weapon. He’s big, he gets angry really quickly and like the scrake you’ll need teamwork to take him down.

After each wave players will be awarded experience and money. Players can use the money to outfit their character in the shop. Gear is dropped when you die but it will stick around. So you can run back and grab your gun as long as no one steals it.

Gaining experience ultimately leads to leveling which increases your damage with your specific classes weapons. Every five levels will unlock a perk point that will grant an ability to the player. Some perks will augment the character and others augment the team. Players will have to strike a balance between selfishness and selflessness when it comes to perks.

Graphically, Killing Floor 2 is a major upgrade from its predecessors. I found myself roaming the levels and taking it all in. Levels are beautiful from the Biotics lab to the Manor. They are well done and beautifully rendered.

The Games soundtrack is where it really shines. The collection of Rock and Metal makes every match feel like players are in an action film. Players can even turn the music lyrics on from the options menu.

Killing Floor 2 is a fun pick up and play game. However It won’t win any awards for best story or compelling character motives. Killing Floor 2 brings a fun run and gun survival shooter to the table. The game is currently in early access and I can’t wait to see what they implement next.

I don’t feel I can give this one a proper rating yet with it only having 2-3 maps. However if you are a fan of the original, like I was! Your money won’t be wasted on this title.