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Skyforge Review


Skyforge is a new Free to play, Action Combat MMORPG where players take on the role of an immortal whose ultimate goal is to ascend into godhood.
After choosing your character’s appearance players enter the world and begin their journey. Since players are immortal gods all missions are undertaken from the globe from there players simple teleport to the instance. From what I’ve seen thus far instances tend to break down into either dungeons with mini-bosses and an ultimate end boss or open zone world areas with multiple quests and and sub areas within. Completing quests and dungeons awards players with sparks that can be used to unlock talents, active, and passive skills from the Ascension Atlas.

Classes are where this title shines. So far each class I’ve seen has been a unique and well thought out experience. Players initially start with the choice of three classes.

Paladin – our Tank class

Lightbringer – Our Healer

Cryomancer – ice based DPS

As players complete sections of the Upper Ascension Atlas they can unlock additional classes. Players can even click on a class after zooming all the way and out and choose the “Find Path” Option. This will show a player the quickest way to unlock that class.

Players can switch between unlocked classes anywhere and anytime they choose. Once switched over players can continue to spend their sparks to unlock abilities on these trees as well. This means players aren’t bound to one class and RAIDS won’t end up getting cancelled if the tank or healer doesn’t show up, We’ve all had that happen!

Players should keep in mind that early skills of their class will require the basic spark types Red,Blue, and Green. When players move into more advanced tiers they will need class specific sparks. This will free up those earlier acquired sparks for unlocking additional classes or leveling up a secondary or tertiary class.

While other games make players carry multiple gears sets for shifting classes. That isn’t the case with Skyforge. Players only need to carry two items per class typically just the weapons. The bulk of a player’s armor consist of rings and I believe amulets later on. These items are universal as are the stats provided. For instance Strength increases the minimum damage done for all damage types. So a Cryomancer will want to have a good strength score as will a Paladin.

Combat and group dynamics are very interesting in Skyforge. Combat is a mix of of Active and passive damage. While players will have to aim at an NPC and won’t be able to auto lock on a target. Abilities don’t fire unless aimed which means no wasted resources if in the heat of the moment you aren’t properly targeted. Monster attacks tend to highlight an area to alert players. Players of course should look to dodge these attacks when possible.

Death doesn’t require a healer as any player can resurrect each other and sometimes players can raise themselves after the fight has ended.

Early Dungeons don’t seem like they require a group matchup of Tank,DPS and Healer. I did find this dynamic to be ideal I had been previously matched with 2 DPS and a Healer and just 3 DPS. We were still Victorious. I believe this was all because of the combat system which forced monsters to periodically drop heal orbs.

Graphically Skyforge is where it’s at! The zones are beautifully rendered and hold a mix of magic and technology which makes these gods feel like the Goa’uld from Stargate or the Asgard in the Thor Movies. Monsters are incredibly unique and range from Alien to Technological.

All quests appear to be voice acted as far as I’ve seen. I’m about 15 hours in and haven’t encountered anything unvoiced and I haven’t noticed any voiced duplications.

I did find one issue with this title and that is the fact some quests have to be completed multiple times. Players who buy a premium account which can be done with hard earned money or with ingame currency converted will find themselves grinding less as they automatically receive a bonus to spark acquisition when they complete quests.

I have to admit I’ve been quite taken in by Skyforge. Encounters are fun even if the dungeons must be repeated with different objectives. I’m in love with the systems of this title and the way they are presented. I found myself focusing more on enjoying the game than micro managing my character. This title is still in Open Beta it has to be one of the most polished Open Beta’s I’ve seen in a very long time.

The Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment have created a game that is fun, entertaining and addicting. This title will most likely end up on many reviewers top ten lists.

Overall I give Skyforge a 10 out of 10.
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